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Cold Room Panel (Screw Fixed PU Panel)

Yanghu Refrigeration’s cold room panel is hot pressed by two pre-coated steel plates and has an insulation layer of rigid polyurethane foam in between. This self tapping screw mounted cold room panel is a sandwich panel which has excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal; as such, this high-density and flame retardant cold room panel is the first choice for high-end interior partitions and energy-efficient building envelope systems.

Customizable Thickness

As one of China's major cold room panel suppliers, Yanghu can produce 3,000-5,000m² of cold room panels every day to meet the needs of our customers.

Install Example

Strengths of the Self Tapping Screw Mount
Thermal Insulation Property
Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.018-0.023w/(m·K)
Obturator rate: ≥95%
With a thermal insulation coefficient of 0.018-0.023w/(m·K) and obturator rate ≥95%, our cold room panel has excellent thermal insulation properties and can save the facility up to 40% of the cost of heating equipment and electromechanical devices. This building board is indispensable for cold storage and fresh-keeping warehouses.

Fireproof Performance
1. Thiscold room panel has superior resistance to high and low temperatures and can within a temperature range of -35°C to +80°C.
2. Made of nonflammable material, this polyurethane panel is non-combustible and has the ability to self-extinguish.
3. Our cold room panel is a sandwich panel that conforms to quality standards in the building material industry; the bond strength is no less than 0.09Mpa and the bonding area of the stripped surface is no less than 85%.
4. The polyurethane core material has superb bonding capacity and is strongly bonded to steel plates, which enhances the cold room panel’s overall resistance to combustion.

Product Display

This cold room panel mounted with self tapping screw is easy and fast to install. The insulated panel mounted with self tapping screw can be between 0.376mm to 200mm thick.

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