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Cold Room Door (Hinged Door)

Hinged doors are relatively low-cost and simple cold room doors with good insulation. As a professional Chinese cold room door supplier, Yanghu Refrigeration provides a variety of insulated doors with different specifications as well as customizes hinged doors according to specific cold room projects.

Our economical semi-insulated hinged door has half of its door panel raised from the door frame and combines smoothly into the whole cold room. With tight sealing, high insulation properties, and an elegant appearance, this hinged door is ideal for cold storage in food industries, supermarkets, etc. If required, we can add windows to this insulated door.

Structure of the Semi-Insulated Hinged Door
1. Door panel

Consisting of a plastic profile and steel plate outside and a polyurethane foam board inside, this semi-insulated door panel has no cold bridge, giving it excellent insulation properties. Based on the customer’s needs, the door panel can be made from stainless steel, colored steel plates, or embossed aluminum plates.

2. Door frame
The door frame of this swinging door is wrapped with high-strength aluminum. We have prevented the cold bridge from blocking heat transferring between inside and outside the cold storage, allowing a heater wire to be safely added.

3. Accessories
Our hinged door has a flexible plastic built-in magnetic strip to compensate for any small manufacturing errors and guarantees tight sealing; the reinforced 1460 series hinge is sturdy and durable; the safety latch in the 1178 series directly connects the door handle from inside and outside, making it easy to open in case of emergency. The electrically heated glass window is optional.

This semi-insulated hinged door is a non-standard cold room product that can be customized based on your specific application requirements.

The exterior of our insulated hinged door is made from colored steel or stainless steel. With an interior filled with polyurethane foam, our insulated cold room doors have strong insulation properties and thickness ranging from 100mm to 200mm.

According to size and customer needs, we provide customized cold storage doors, including stainless steel cold room doors, polyurethane cold storage doors, and industrial cold storage doors.

Insulated hinged doors are found on cold storage spaces, quick freezers and fresh-keeping warehouses. Widely used by large-scale companies, this hingeddoor together with our cold room works well for aquaculture, poultry processing, mushroom cultivation, agricultural product processing and many other fields.

Structure of the Insulated Hinged Door
1. Door panel

Having a polyurethane foam board inside and plastic profile and steel plate outside, the door panel has a smooth appearance and good insulation.

2. Door strip
Made from EPDM rubber material, the door strip has excellent durability, ageing resistance and chemical stability.

3. Linking design
Cold room doors are connected and locked together by tongue-and-groove paneling and airtight joints.

4. Silicon gel sealing
Silicone gel is used to seal each insulated sandwich panel’s joints so they are airtight.

5. Optional accessory
An electrically heated glass window is also available. Electrical heating technology prevents condensation forming on the glass so users can clearly see through the glass.

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Our double acting impact traffic door can withstand collisions from forklifts or other industrial accidents. Specially designed and simple to install in large spaces, this hinged double door features high durability, easy maintenance and long service life.

We have also made the entire hinged door rustproof and waterproof, making it convenient for frequent washing. This insulated door meets the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standard of food safety management system as well as requirements for various industrial environments. Customers from a range of applications will find this double door cost-effective.

Structure of the Double Acting Impact Traffic Door
1. Door panel

The thickness of the door panel is 40mm while the maximum customizable size is 3,200×6,000mm. This lightweight and convenient door panel can withstand low temperatures of -40°C.

2. Door hinge
The V-type door hinge is resistant to collisions and impact.

3. Eccentric shaft
The eccentric shaft of our swinging double door ensures that the door closes gently and automatically.

4. Impact-resistant rubber plate
Made from imported and one-step molded engineering plastic, the impact-resistant rubber plate is strong and tough.

5. Window
Our hinged double door’s imported window is transparent and difficult to break, making a safer area to work in.

6. Door strip
In addition to having high elasticity and tear resistance, the door strip can withstand low temperatures of -40°C.

Specification of the Double Acting Impact Traffic Door
Recommended two-door size: 1800(W) ×2000(H)
Recommended single door size: 900(W)×2000(H)

Product specifications can be customized based on customer needs.

Our double door for testing rooms has a door panel made from polyurethane foam placed under high pressure; the door frame can be also made from polyurethane foam. This hinged double door has good sealing performance, excellent insulation properties and a long service life.

The hinge and door lock exert pressure directly on the body of the door, which enables the door strip to withstand rapid changes of temperature and wind.

Meanwhile, with a blocked cold bridge, our double door for testing room helps to ensure the accuracy of the test parameters and is the preferred insulated door for testing rooms.

Structure of Hinged Double Door For Testing Rooms
1. Door panel

Consisting of a plastic profile and steel plate exterior and a polyurethane foam interior, the door panel of our hinged door has no cold bridge, giving it excellent insulation.

2. Door frame
Our cold room door’s frame is wrapped with high-strength aluminum to prevent a thermal bridge; because the heat exchange from inside and outside the cold storage is blocked, a heater wire may be safely added.

3. Accessory
A reinforced double lock is used to enhance the pressing force and support points of our double door for testing rooms, which can ensure the door’s sealing performance. The EPDM-made door strip is resistant to low and high temperatures. Electrically heated glass windows and impact-resistant rubber plates available upon request.

For more information about cold room panels, cold room doors and cold storage, contact us for a consultation.

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