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Cold Room Door (Sliding Door)

As a professional Chinese cold room door manufacturer, Yanghu Refrigeration designs and produces convenient and user-friendly sliding doors for cold rooms. Based on customer requirements for their cold room projects, we can add an electrically heated glass window or impact-resistant rubber plates to insulated doors to increase their overall performance. Our custom sliding doors can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Value-Added Service: Impact-resistant bumper are available upon request.
Customizable Size: The maximum customizable size is 2,500(W) ×3,000(H); the range of the door leaf’s width is 500mm to 2,500mm, and the range of the door leaf’s height is 1,800mm to 3,000mm.

  • Upper track and hanger
  • Upper guide wheel assembly
  • Under guide wheel assembly

This light-duty sliding door is an economical cold room door with a simple design and good sealing performance. It is suitable for cold storages with a door opening width of ≤1.5m. Our light-duty sliding door is used in modular cold rooms and workshops with consistent temperatures that drop no lower than 40°C.

Even if the temperature difference between the interior and exterior is more than 50°C and the air temperature is 80% more, our light-duty sliding door maintains good thermal insulation.

Structure of the Light-Duty Sliding Door
1. Door panel

Made from Yanghu’s polyurethane insulated panels, this cost-effective door panel is high quality and insulating. The sliding door panel can be made from colored steel, stainless steel, embossed aluminum or other materials upon request.

2. Door frame
The aluminum alloy door frame has simple and elegant appearance; slots are made for installing a heating wire.

3. Accessories
(1) The door track of our light-duty sliding door is made from high strength aluminum alloy extrusion.
(2) Nylon guide wheels with duplex bearings slides stably and smoothly in a unique way: when it rises, the door opens and the door body is separated from the door frame; when it drops, the door closes and the door body compresses tightly to the ground for an excellent sealing effect.
(3) The configured emergency release device prevents workers in the cold room from being trapped.
(4) A door opener lever makes opening more convenient.
(5) Electrically heated glass windows and impact-resistant rubber plates are optional.

Product Customization
We’ll work with you to select the right material and production process so you create the ideal cold storage space.

Using internationally leading technology, we’ve designed this medium-duty sliding door, a new and improved cold storage door with good sealing and insulation properties.

Our medium-duty sliding door comes equipped with emergency escape device, which is safe, reliable and practical. This sliding door is applicable to cold rooms having a door opening width of ≤ 2.5m.

Structure of the Medium-Duty Sliding Door
1. Door panel
(1) Useful and high-quality polyurethane foam board is used as the raw material, enabling the door panel to have good insulation.
(2) Our medium-duty sliding door’s panel has beautifully rounded corners.
(3) Depending on the customer’s preference, the door panel can be made from colored steel, stainless steel, or embossed aluminum.

2. Door frame
Wrapped with high-strength aluminum alloy, the door frame has an elegant appearance. With a blocked cold bridge, the door frame can safely accommodate a heater wire.

3. Accessories
The guide track of our cold storage door is made from aluminum alloy; the nylon guide wheel slides smoothly in a unique way: when it rises, the door opens and the door body is separated from the door frame; when it drops, the door closes and the door body compresses tightly with the ground. The EPDM door strip is resistant to both high and low temperatures; electrically heated glass windows and impact-resistant rubber plates are optional.

Customized Service
Yanghu provides customized medium-duty sliding doors with good insulation and sealing properties. Contact us with any questions or specific requirements.

The heavy-duty sliding door is large, solid, and durable; this push-pull door also provides easy access for vehicles.

Structure of the Heavy-Duty Sliding Door
1. Door panel

Having polyurethane foam inside and no cold bridge, our sliding door panel has a flat and smooth surface and good insulation properties. The door panel can be made from colored steel, stainless steel, embossed aluminum or other materials depending on the customer’s requirements. Upon request, a wicket can be built on the heavy-duty sliding door for easy access.

2. Door frame
The door frame of our cold room door is wrapped with high-strength aluminum alloy for strength and durability. With no cold bridge, the heat exchange inside and outside the cold storage is blocked, allowing a heater wire to be safely added.

3. Accessories
A stainless steel door opener uses a lever to further facilitate the door sliding; the configured stainless steel sliding roller is durable and wear resistant; a reliable safety latch can be added to the sliding door upon request; electrically heated glass windows and impact-resistant rubber plates are also optional.

Product Customization
This heavy-duty sliding door is a non-standard customizable product. Based on customers’ cold room structure and temperature requirements, we’ll help you to choose the most suitable insulated door with the right material, specification, and design.

Our automatic sliding door is regulated by an electronic control system, saving labor. Thanks to internationally advanced technology, this sliding door has a good sealing performance, insulation properties and stable working status. Our automatic sliding door can adapt within a temperature range from -45°C to + 50°C and can be used for large door openigns.

Structure of the Automatic Sliding Door
1. Door frame

Instead of wood material which is more likely to decay, we use high-strength aluminum alloy, C-shaped steel or stainless steel to make the door frame of ourautomatic sliding doors, making them durable and easy to clean. With self-limiting heating tape, the cold room door doesn’t need temperature control or a manual switching power supply.

2. Door panel
With polyurethane foam inside and no rivets or defects on the exterior, the door panel of our sliding door has good insulation properties and a smooth appearance.

3. Door track
An aluminum alloy guide track makes the guide wheels and pinch rollers work smoothly together to separate the door body from the door frame and then to compress the door body to the ground when sliding.

4. Door strip
The EPDM door strip of our insulated door is durable, chemically stable, resistant to aging, and adaptable to a wide temperature range; the long-term operating temperature ranges from -50°C to + 130°C.

5. Optional accessories
(1) Electrically heated glass window
Electrical heating technology prevents condensation for a clear view.
(2) Impact-resistant rubber plates
Installed in the inside and outside of the door leaf, the impact-resistant rubber plate can withstand collision from transport vehicles.

Customized Service
Specifications of these automatic sliding doors can be customized according to your needs and specific application.

This controlled atmosphere sliding door conforms to the highest international standards for airtightness and preservation technology. Compared with similar products, our cold room door has unique advantages in having excellent sealing and a low cost.

Closed, this controlled atmosphere sliding door keeps the positive pressure inside the cold storage at -295Pa (30mmH20); it takes no less than 30min to realize a half pressure drop. This sliding door is suitable for a variety of controlled atmosphere storage of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Structure of the Controlled Atmosphere Sliding Door
1. Door panel

The door panel has insulation material of polyurethane foam inside; the door frame is manufactured from glass and reinforced plastics; the outside of the door panel can be made from stainless steel plate, color steel plate or other material.

2. Door track
With multiple bearings and a straight form, our sliding door’s door track enables the door to have easy and smooth sliding.

3. Door strip
The specially made high-quality door strip of our insulated door has excellent compression resistance, high flexibility, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. Accessories
We use galvanized screws for all steel accessories for reinforcement, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance.

5. Heating wire
With the installation of an imported heating wire, our sliding door can withstand low-temperatures and won’t freeze at -40°C.

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