Walk-in Cooler

Our walk-in cooler uses a polyurethane insulated panel as the raw material; with the temperature control range from -40ºC to + 20ºC ( from -40ºF to + 68ºF), this cold room is commonly used as a quick freezer and refrigerated storage to maintain the freshness of food or to quick-freeze food.

Features of the Walk-In Cooler
1. Built-in evaporator: A built-in evaporator in the walk-in cooler can quickly defrost food, reducing the operating cost.
2. Impact-resistant rubber plate: Depending on the cold storage environment, we add an impact-resistant rubber plate to the walk-in cooler to extend its service life.
3. Framework: Our walk-in cooler has a solid and durable steel structure, which is easy to install and remove.
4. Cold room door: Customers can choose from a variety of cold room doors, including the sliding door and semi-insulated door.
5. Opening mode of cold room door: Manual opening mode and automatic opening mode are available upon request.
6. Door frame: The door frame of our insulated door can be made from colored steel or stainless steel.
7. Door panel: The door panel of our walk-in cooler is made from 100% flame-retardant polyurethane insulated panel, of which the density is about 38-46kg/m³; the thickness ranges from 50mm to 200m; the standard width is 960mm.

(1) PLC: optional brands include LG, Siemens, Omron, etc.
(2) Refrigerant: R22, r404 refrigerant
(3) Compressor: Available brands include Bitzer, Copeland, Fusheng, etc.
(4) Evaporator: Available brands include Kedeli, GEA, VE Air Cooler, etc.

Accessories of different brands can be configured based on customer needs and estimated costs.

If you are planning to build a medical storage cold room, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping warehouse, or cold room for food storage, contact us for a consultation. Yanghu Refrigeration provides professional custom cold room solutions.

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