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Walk-in Freezer

Designed with a temperature control range from 0°C to 10°C, this walk-in freezer cools or freezes perishable products to extend their expiration date. Our walk-in freezer is a necessary cold storage room for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores.

1. Cold room door
Choose from various cold room doors, including semi-insulated doors, insulated doors, and sliding doors; the specifications of our cold room doors are customized according to customer requirements. Click on "Cold Room Door" for more information.

2. Door panel
Made from a polyurethane insulated panel with a galvanized surface, the cold room door panel has good insulation and corrosion resistant properties.

3. Door lock
Due to a magnetic pad, the door of the walk-in freezer can be locked when the door is opened from the inside.

4. Electric heating wire
For cold room doors, we insert an electric heating wire along the perimeter to prevent the door from freezing shut.

5. Compressor
We provide compressors from our trusted suppliers, but if you have a preferred brand, we will configure the walk-in freezer with your brand’s compressor. All condensing units are configured according to customer requirements.

6. Air cooler and evaporator
Choose from among three types of standard D series air coolers: DD air cooler, DL air cooler and DJ air cooler. Click "Air Cooler" for more specific details.

Yanghu Refrigeration provides not only high-quality polyurethane insulated panels, cold room panels, cold room doors, and air coolers, but also custom cold rooms and cold storage solutions. If you are building a cold storage,quick-freezer or fresh-keeping warehouse, contact us about our walk-in freezers.

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