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Walk-in Display Cooler

The walk-in display cooler is one of our leading modular cold storage products that functions as both a display and storage space. Our custom cold room can cool and freeze and can easily switch between these functions.

We manufacture our cold room coolers for companies worldwide. In June of 2014, we exported 15 walk-in display coolers to businesses in the United States. Their lengths ranged from 4,015mm to 15,916mm with a height of 2, 500mm and width of 2,400mm.

Advantages of the Walk-In Display Cooler
1. In order to ensure the long service life of our walk-in display cooler, we use original fully-closed low noise compressors and multiple components with automatic protective features.
2. With an energy-saving and built-in lighting lamp, our display refrigerator can run 24/7.
3. Having a double hollow tempered glass door, the walk-in display cooler presents a clear view of the items inside; the automatic swing door won’t mist over.
4. Manufactured from insulation material made under high pressure, our walk-in display cooler features high density and effective energy conservation.
5. Our walk-in display cooler is air-cooled and has a fast cooling rate, consistent interior temperature and small temperature differences between the top and bottom. It can maintain a temperature range from 2°C to 8°C; the refrigerant is R22/R134a.
6. The computer automatically controls the temperature; halting defrosting can be customized to extend the service life of the walk-in display cooler; the LCD display shows the temperature inside.
7. This walk-in display cooler is combined with multiple polyurethane insulated panels with cam lock mounting, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. Each door comes equipped with seven shelves with adjustable height.

Customized Service
Customized walk-in display coolers with different specifications are available. Let us know your requirements and we will customize a cold room just for you! Our walk-in display coolers are used as ice cream freezers, cake display cabinets, split type combined refrigerated cabinets and convenience store display coolers.

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