1. Cold Room Panel (Cam Lock Insulated Panel)

      Configured with a cam lock, our cold room panel is convenient to assemble and commonly used in cold storage and fresh-keeping warehouses. This insulated panel with cam lock mounting can ...

    1. Cold Room Panel (Screw Fixed PU Panel)

      Self tapping screw mounted cold room panel is a sandwich panel which has excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal; as such, this high-density and flame ...

    1. Cold Room Door (Hinged Door)

      Hinged doors are relatively low-cost and simple cold room doors with good insulation. As a professional Chinese cold room door supplier, Yanghu Refrigeration provides ...

    1. Cold Room Door (Sliding Door)

      Based on customer requirements for their cold room projects, we can add an electrically heated glass window or impact-resistant rubber plates to insulated doors to increase their overall ...

    1. Walk-in Cooler

      A built-in evaporator in the walk-in cooler can quickly defrost food, reducing the operating cost.
      We add an impact-resistant rubber plate to the walk-in cooler to extend its service life.
      Our walk-in cooler has a solid ...

    1. Walk-in FreezerDesigned with a temperature control range from 0°C to 10°C, this walk-in freezer cools or freezes perishable products to extend their expiration date. Our walk-in freezer is a necessary cold storage room for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores.
    1. Refrigerated WarehouseRefrigerated warehouse is computer-controlled and automatically defrosts. Configured with compressors and refrigeration parts from well-known and trusted brands, this simply designed custom cold room has good thermal insulation, high strength
    1. Walk-in Display CoolerWalk-in display cooler is one of our leading modular cold storage products that functions as both a display and storage space. Our custom cold room can cool and freeze and can easily switch between these functions.
    1. Air Cooler (Used for Cold Room)Our air cooler takes up little space with its compact and lightweight structure. With its efficient and uniform storage temperature, the air cooler achieves quick cooling and greatly improves the freshness of stored food.