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SIPs Production Process

Yanghu Refrigeration provides high-quality cold room doors and custom cold rooms. We carry out rigorous quality control over the raw materials, production process and product testing. We have also heavily invested in a new production line, which produces panels with neat, smooth surfaces and uniform density. Currently, we produce 2,000 square meters of structural insulated panels every day.

Production Process

Our uncoiling machine can realize uncoiling from the top and bottom simultaneously. An automated process makes uncoiling efficient and reduces labor cost.

The laminating machine effectively prevents bubbles from appearing on the panels so we produce uniform and flat surfaces on our panels. An additional device allows us to use a corona treatment, which enhances the adhesion between the metal and polyurethane and ensures the panels are strong, smooth, and laminated well.
Rollers, machined with high-hardness chrome plated alloy steel, give our panels uniform smoothness.
Wheel Hub Creasing
If required, we can equip several creasing units with different wheel hubs for the production of a variety of sandwich panels, such as wall panels, roof panels, door panels, and cold room panels. Guiderails moving among different creasing units allow us to quickly switch between panels with different creases for a higher production capacity.
Heating the metal panels
We use natural gas heating or electric heating and adopt a multi-level control PT100 sensor to monitor the temperature; the preheating temperature difference can be controlled within ± 1°C. The heating can enhance the adhesion between the panel and the PU raw materials, enabling the polyurethane to achieve optimum foaming, which significantly improves the quality of sandwich panels.
Constant-Temperature High-Pressure Foaming

(1) Foam Zone: The constant-temperature high-pressure polyurethane foam machine is equipped with an electronic metering device and an automatic feeding system, which ensures that raw materials are evenly sprayed and fully mixed according to the determined ratios; the double-track machine has a precise temperature control system and uses reliable foaming technology, which guarantees the foam’s uniformity, density and firm adhesion.

(2) Spraying Zone: Imported sprayer from Germany achieves uniform spraying.


The curing system is preserved by our machine-made panels; the double-track machine can cure up to 24m; the curing time takes about 8-9 minutes depending on the thickness of the structural insulated panels.

Panel Shaping

Panel Shaping Zone (1): Our shaping equipment consists of one top and one bottom roller and a rapid replacement mechanism. The machine can shape panels differently to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Panel Shaping Zone (2): Consisting of one roller at the top, one roller at the bottom and a rapid replacement mechanism, our shaping equipment can produce panels in various shapes to meet customers’ different needs.


Cutting Zone: According to the design requirements of the cold room panel, The panel will be cut automatically according to given length.

Air Cooling
Panels are conveyed to the air cooling zone where each panel must be dried for more than 2 hours to ensure complete curing and final product quality.
Stacking, Packaging and Delivery

Our building insulation materials are neatly stacked according to their specifications and dimensions. If customers have special requirements, plastic or wooden case packaging are available.

  • Stacking of Cam Lock Type Cold Room Panels
  • Packaging and Loading of Cam Lock Type Cold Room Panels
  • Packaging and Stacking of Plug-in Type Cold Room Panels
  • Loading of Plug-in Type Cold Room Panels