Changzhou Yanghu Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

No.63 Yangqi Section, Henglin Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel.: +86-519-88781229
Contact Person: Faham Fu
Skype: yanghurefrigeration

With years of experience manufacturing structural insulated panels (SIP), air coolers, and other refrigeration products, Yanghu Refrigeration is qualified to undertake various cold room projects and can offer effective cold storage solutions according to specific customer needs.

Pre-Sales Service
1. Consultation
Once we determine the details of your order, our design team will provide you with an Auto-CAD drawing detailing the material of the metal, specifications, protective film, area, and quantity. We also offer custom cold room doors and customized cold rooms.

2. Sample
Samples of cold room panels and structural insulated panels can be provided upon request. Customers only have to pay for shipping. Other questions about our cold room doors or cold storage can be answered via pictures.

Tracking Service
We will report our process of production to customers and provide detailed loading pictures.

Customer Service
1. Accessories
For cold rooms, we provide customers with free L or U-type clamps; other accessories, such as a mushroom head nylon screw, come with a small fee.

2. Installation guide
If you need on-site instruction, we’ll send our experienced technicians for on-site instruction and training.

3. Guarantee
We provide a 12 month warranty period for our accessories. Free replacement is available if accessories are damaged within the warranty period. Please provide us with photos of damaged parts for evidence; customers still pay for shipping costs. If the warranty expires, we can still provide replacement parts for a fee.